About Us

About Us.

Hiring Hours is a fast, cost-effective way of getting any task done in just a few hours or even less. Whether you are a buyer looking for excellent freelance skills to handle simple to complicated functions in almost any area, or a freelancer looking to get paid for work done from a location of your choice, hiring hours makes the process simple. Now, than ever before, the freelance world is crowded to more than full capacity. This poses real challenges for both freelancers and hirers. It could be difficult to find the right skills at moderate prices for simple projects.

On the other hand, although the internet holds a myriad of short term and long-term work opportunities, getting connected to hirers with an assurance of being paid has never been more complicated for freelancers. More so, every other employer you turn to as a newbie in any field offline requires some level of work experience before hiring. It is easy to get frustrated after trying too many times to no avail. .

Let's take the unnecessary hustle and struggle out of outsourcing and freelancing. With Hiring Hours, you don't have to go through the stress of searching and connecting. Neither should you worry about the security and assurance of payments. If you need an expert to complete a project, you don't have to hire in-house or spend more than an hour looking for a qualified freelancer for your project. Neither should you break your budget. You can get professional services at your budget. Just create an account following a few simple steps. .

We are powered by a talented inhouse team of over 350 employees. So you can be sure of hitch-free services every day, all day. Our customer support team is ready to receive and respond to your questions or queries promptly. .

Browse 500+ services (carefully structured into specific categories and subcategories) from over 200+ experts ready and waiting to offer any type of expertise service on demand. From graphic and design, digital marketing, writing and translation, programming and tech, business, and a host of others, choose a category and subcategory, state your budget and the job requirements. Then sit back for a few minutes and wait for freelancers to send in their proposals. .
As an ever-increasing global community, we are connecting hundreds of people around the world to hiring and work opportunities every day. .

Alternatively, on hiring hours, you can contact freelancers directly, pay just a few bucks based on the freelancer's rate and get the job done in no time. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. .

We are associated with rise Commerce and located in Lucknow. .

Becoming a Part of Hiring Hours. Just sign up and send us an email. After taking a test and interview, if you qualify, you can become a seller on our team. .

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